Using Images

While doing the blog challenge, I have learnt many things about using images.

These are some things that I have learnt on posting images:

  1. While posting images you must always reference the image.
  2. If you have a compfight plugin the advantage is that you don’t have to reference the image you are using as it is already referenced for you.
  3. It is possible to post your own videos and images on your blog.

I hope that you have learnt something new and can use this in the future.

Scarlet’s Ordeal

“I know they are after me. Why don’t my parents believe me?” said Scarlet angrily. Scarlet had been suspicious of some men trying to find out her personal details. “But why me, why not someone else?” Scarlet asked. Who could want her, and why? Scarlet was desperately hoping that she wasn’t putting her family in danger. While trying to calm herself, she felt something on her shoulder. She tried to scream through the gag around her mouth. Scarlet kicked violently and everything seemed blank.  “No point struggling missy, you’re coming with me,” said a burly man. “Rather than struggling, give up,” said another. Scarlet was put into a dusty sack. She must have slept, because when she opened her eyes she was in a grey dungeon-like room. Tears rolled down Scarlet’s cheeks as she rested on the cold and uninviting floor. “I want to be back at home in my warm bed,” muffled Scarlet through her tears. She hoped someone was eventually going to come to her rescue. Suddenly she heard soft footsteps. Scarlet didn’t want anything else bad to happen, she was already scared. But she was in for a surprise. Unexpectedly her mum and Dad jumped through a window leaving Scarlet open-mouthed. “Mum, Dad?” she whispered. “Yes, it’s us, we knew before that there was something fishy going on, but we didn’t tell you,” said mum happily. “Due to the rain we were delayed in saving you” mum said. They escaped and went to the police.

By Gauri Wechalekar